HARPs Round 1: What Happiness Is: Part 1

HARPs Featured Image

I’m participating in Starling’s Contest: The Happy and Random Posts (aka HARPs contest!!!  *claps hands*

I got on to TEAM BUMBLEBEE!!

I’m buzzing with excitement (Pun intended)


Team Bumblebee

The topic for this week is:

What do you think happiness is? 

The dictionary defines it as a state of well being and  contentment. But I think that happiness can’t be clearly defined. It’s means something different to each person.

To me it means loving what I have.

Love = Happiness

If you notice the things/ people you love bring you happiness. Like the people who you share your memories with.

photo (5)

Like my cat… who I’m always thrilled to see.

photo (8)

… or my family, who make me cheerful when I’m sad.

Even cats have family and people they love. (And FOOD of course)

photo 2 (2)



Playing around with people I love makes me glad. 


And sometimes, someone else being happy makes me happy.

Like this goat, above, just looking at him makes me so happy!! (I don’t know his name, but he looks like a George to me).

It’s like a chain reaction.

You make one person happy, which leads to them making someone else happy, etc. So people let’s make the world a happier and better place, starting by making one person happy. Just one person, you never know how many people’s days would get happier and make their life filled with more and more happiness.

I got way off topic… *laughs*

I hope that didn’t get too cheesy.


3 point = coming out with this post

10 points = I have 5 photos and each photo is worth 2 points

2 points = For using 3 synonyms for HAPPY (All the words in green)

Add that all together and you get:


Correct me if I’m wrong. (I dunno if that’s a lot or a little amount of points)

Thank you Starling for hosting this contest!! 










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