DIY Last Minute Cards

For some reallyyy strange reason I felt like making a card for fun — I got nothin’ better to do in my life………….. so here we are:

I think they turned pretty goooood….. (I need to get a better camera….. I know)

image (35)

What You’ll Need:

Thick Papers

  • One paper should be folded in half- to be a blank card base
  • The other paper should be cut to fit the front of the blank card

Watercolor paints

A black pen

Flower Card:

image (34)

This design can be used for basically anything…….. thank you card, birthday card…….. Artist Trading Card, wall art…… etc.

image (29)

I painted a large blob of color….. and let it flow…….


image (28)

I kinda pre-planed where everything was gonna be……. you can see the little green dots are going to be leaves soon……….. the blobs will soon be flowers:

image (32)

Now for the magical part *drumrolls*

Using the pen to draw and add details (nothin’ too cool), if you want you can add a greeting on this card……. but me decided keep this for wall art.

To make it a card, just glue it to the front of the card base you made earlier.

image (33)

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthday it is this month!!! 😉

(Again I didn’t glue this artwork yet to the card base….. but I WILL….. SOMEDAY!!!!!!)

image (31)

I added a drop of red…………

image (30)

………… and some more dots and they are of course in RAINBOW ORDER (I obviously forgot yellow even though it’s one of my favorite colors)

image (27)


I used the black pen, to outline these circles, write happy birthday and add the string:

image (33)


Well that’s it for today

I am running out of ways on how to end posts…….. so this was the only way I could think of:


Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 4.17.22 PM



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