Day 3 of 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

Hi. I am so good at intros XD.   It's the last day of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, which I got nominated by the amazing  Hannah,  from Simplistic Internet Spasm. THANK YOU!!!!!! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day). Share why this... Continue Reading →


DIY T-Shirt Fringe Bag (No Sew)

Hello kittens and unicorns!!! I used to make these bags all the time in camp. They're perfect to carry all your summer necessities, sunglasses, sunscreen, food....... (just nothing too heavy) and really simple to make. The Supplies: An old T-Shirt you don't wear Scissors Pencil Ruler Before you destroy the T-Shirt, you need to draw... Continue Reading →

Tags, Challenges, and Photos

Hello kittens and unicorns!! I've been nominated for a few tags recently and I've finally sat down to do them *Chachel pats herself on the back* For the first tag, I was nominated by Hannah for the 3 Days 3 Quote challenge. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote... Continue Reading →

Collab with Jaguar

Hey kittens and unicorns!! I'm collabing with Jaguar and her 2 dogs Kenai and Juneau. They decided to interview my cat, Gosha,  and asked him a bunch of questions. Gosha decided that he also wanted to ask some questions, so he did. You can check out Kenai and Juneau's answers here. 1.What do you do if your... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Gaby – HARPs #7

Hey kittens and unicorns!! I'm collabing with an amazing artist and blogger named Gaby, go right now and  check out her blog and follow her. (I'm waiting) She asked me a bunch of random questions, mostly about blogging. You guys can also ask me some questions in the comments and I'll answer all of them in... Continue Reading →

Simple Summer Watercolor Doodles

Hey Kittens and unicorns!! I  pinky promised that I'll show you how to paint some of the watercolor doodles (from my June bullet journal) and I've kept my promise: BEHOLD THE SUMMER WATERCOLOR DOODLES *Points to artwork* Sorry for all the bad quality, I was using my  iPhone 4 (Yep, those still exist).... I dunno... Continue Reading →

June Bullet Journal

Hey kittens and unicorns!!!!!!!!! It's somehow June now, so it's time for another.......................................... BULLET JOURNAL!!!!!!!! *claps hands* When I asked what kind of material you guys wanted me to make the bullet journal out of, most of you said "a mixture of everything". So this time, I didn't use just watercolor!!! Aren't you proud of... Continue Reading →

Color Poems – HARPs Round 6

Hey unicorns!! This post is for Starling’s Contest: The Happy and Random Posts Starling’s Contest: The Happy and Random Posts (aka HARPs contest!!!). Go check her amazing blog after you’re done reading this post (and follow her while you’re at it). The topic for this week is: Write about your favorites I was in a poem mood today... Continue Reading →

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