Gosha is a reporter?!

Yup, you read that right. Gosha the fat cat is now a reporter. Thank you, Enni for letting my cat be a reporter, he's really happy!! Gosha: I'm only happy after I eat food. Me: I'm trying to let people know that you wrote your very first post. Gosha: Oh. Me: Yea, oh. Yup, you read the... Continue Reading →


Ooodles of Creations: DIY Pencil Case (No Zipper)

Hi, kittens and unicorns!! I'm finally back into that crafting spirit (I'm so good at speaking English XD) anywayyyyyyys , GET READY TO CRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *party canons explode* Supplies Fabric (I used a piece of fabric from an old shirt) Scissors Button Needle and thread OR a hot glue gun (I used a hot glue gun... Continue Reading →

Simple Summer ATCs

Hey, kittens and unicorns!!!! It's been a while since I mentioned ATCs on this blog. If you like what in the world is an ATC, lemme give you some knowledge: ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards The only official rule for them is that their size has to be: 2.5″ x 3.5″ The other only official... Continue Reading →


Hey, kittens and unicorns!!! I've been putting off this post for a while now (don't ask why). But I finally sat down at my desk and wrote this post. I deserve a round of applause. * everyone claps their hands* The Cello Tag: Thank you King Jag and AKJaugar for nominating me. I think this was... Continue Reading →

August Bullet Journal

Whoa, how is it August already? It must be witchcraft. Gosha (aka my cat): No, it's something called t-i-m-e. Anyways........... since it's August, I gotta set up my bullet journal for August. Gosha: No you don't. Me: Just be quiet.... you're ruining my intro. *mumbles* Cat is so annoying... Gosha: I heard that!!!!! Me: Cat is still... Continue Reading →

Oodles of Creations: Season 3: DIY Panda Notebook 🐼

IT'S OFFICIALLY BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, almost forgot my into: Hey Kittens and Unicorns 🦄🐈!!! I'm finallyyyyyyy back!! I'm hoping to post a bunch of DIY school supplies this month and next month. Anyways,  AKJaguar reminded me about Oodles of Creations, an old DIY series. She suggested that I should create a season 3 and I... Continue Reading →

The Mary Show

Check out AKJaguar’s new show called: THE MARY SHOW!!!!!!!

Jaguar's Blog

Dear Readers,


(This is the logo)

The Mary Show (1).jpg

(This is the flyer I created, feel free to put it on your sidebar)

Today’s kind of special. I replaced the Newsy Post with The Mary Show, EXCLUSIVE Preperation.

As you know, in the tour of the dolls corner, Mary had an inflatable microphone and told everyone goodbye and thank you for watching The Mary Show.

So in her NERVE, decided to give Mary a Show!

I did indeed. (I’m considering *ALREADY DECIDED TO* having The Mary Show replace Newsy Posts, but that’s just me, tell me if you want it too!)

The Mary Show will be a Jaguar’s Blog exclusive. It will include all of the Newsy Post material (e.g. Verse of the Week, Jaguar chapter, etc.) but with Mary as your host! McKenna will be in the backstage, working lights, sound, stuff like that. (But to include sisterly fights I…

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July Bullet Journal

Hey unicorns and kittens!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea.. so I had this thing called I Have No Clue What to Post illness thingy, which caused me not to post for the last week or so. I hoping on posting a bit more in July, now that schools over and I can finally relax. I got inspired by the orange... Continue Reading →

Day 3 of 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

Hi. I am so good at intros XD.   It's the last day of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, which I got nominated by the amazing  Hannah,  from Simplistic Internet Spasm. THANK YOU!!!!!! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day). Share why this... Continue Reading →

DIY T-Shirt Fringe Bag (No Sew)

Hello kittens and unicorns!!! I used to make these bags all the time in camp. They're perfect to carry all your summer necessities, sunglasses, sunscreen, food....... (just nothing too heavy) and really simple to make. The Supplies: An old T-Shirt you don't wear Scissors Pencil Ruler Before you destroy the T-Shirt, you need to draw... Continue Reading →

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