Oodles of Creations: Season 1: Episode 6

Hi! Remember how I said I'll try to make up the episode of Oodles of Creations???? Yea. So here it is..... (YAY). Today we will  draw some fall doodles! (YAY AGAIN) Let's Start!!!! P.S. Remember that post that you guys voted on with the artwork?? Well, don't worry it's coming.... (hopefully)!!!! 🙂 What You Need:... Continue Reading →


Winter’s Here

Hello!!!!! Winter's (kinda of) here and so am I from my vacation! I should be posting noramly again, and Oodles of Creations will soon have a new theme (ooooh). Well, here is a quick winter mashup and DIY ideas I found on the web for winter. Disclaimer: The photos below are not mine unless stated... Continue Reading →

Random post

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for so long but I was on vacation!!!!! I don’t know if I’ll be doing Oodles of Creations tomorrow but I’ll hopefully be doing it the Sunday after this Sunday.   Here is my cat sitting on my bag because he didn’t want me to leave!!! Isn’t that adorable???... Continue Reading →

Oodles of Creations: Episode 5

Hi! I am going to be away for (I think around) 2 weeks on vacation. I'm leaving this Sunday (like the Sunday as in the one right now). Technically, I should be packing right now but I decided to quickly make this post, just for you guys!!!!! 😉 Today we will be making a hedgehog,... Continue Reading →

A random post! + Photos

Hi Kitties! I know I haven't been posting for awhile but I have been super busy with schoolwork and many other super important old people stuff........................... But I'm back! I mixed to posts into one. Inspiration  Disclaimer: The inspiration pics I DO NOT OWN! I was searching online for some art inspiration for fun (To... Continue Reading →

Oodles of Creations: Episode 4

Hi kitties!!!! This is the 4th Episode out of 6 in Fall Related DIYs in Oodles of Creations. Today we will be making *drumrolls* ........................ a coffee sign☕ . I don't know what to call it but all I know is that coffee ☕ is amazing all year long........... BUT I feel like in fall we drink... Continue Reading →

10 sign you are a Crazy Cat Person

Hello! I dunno if you know ................ BUT................. I am a crazy cat lady. (Comment below if you are too). Anyways I saw Bella (go follow her) do something like this but with dolls, and I thought this would be cool to do with cats, because I like cats so why not. And with out further... Continue Reading →

Oodles of Creations: Episode 3

Hello Kitties!!!! For this weeks Oodles of Creations, I decided to go with something a bit more simple. I made something like a fall color pallet, or color themes. I think it's is really relaxing and satisfying. Let's Go: You'll Need: Thick Paper Paint Brush Watercolor Paints A black pen   Start by putting Autumn... Continue Reading →


I recently went to the zoo and let me tell you, I took a bunch of pictures. I took a few of my favorites and dumped them into a post. Ok. Maybe not a few.........! I just love these flowers in the photo. The texture and the color really stands out. This pose makes the... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

  Hello Everyone! Today, I was nominated by the amazing and wonderful Yara from LittleDIYProjects. The person who created this award is Okoto Enigma. THE RULES: Put the award logo/image on your blog List the rules. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link... Continue Reading →

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